Limited members have various advantages and pros.

If you are a Limited Member you will get:

  • The ability to purchase any amount of the 50 SNAPS released prior to the OFFICIAL ICO date (7 August 2017, 00:00:00 GMT)
  • 10% discount on any GHOSTS purchased before the OFFICIAL ICO date and during the OFFICIAL ICO
  • The ability to buy SNAPS one-hour before anyone else at the start of the OFFICIAL ICO (7 August 2017, 00:00:00 GMT)
  • 0.2 free SNAPS every year for every SNAP that you purchase before the release of the OFFICIAL ICO

How to become a Limited Member:

  1. Purchase 1 SNAP from the pre-ICO release
  2. There are 50 SNAPS available
  3. 1 SNAP costs 0.9 ETH*
  4. Send to ETH to this address: 0xAB9e0082BF5a5FBb15578555c1bBaF82ad3e757b
  5. You will receive your SNAPS at the end date of the OFFICIAL ICO (10 August 2017, 00:00:00 GMT)
  6. Now you are a Limited Member

WARNING: If you try and buy a SNAP after they have all run-out you will not receive any SNAPS any ETH sent will be considered a donation. Don’t worry, this post will be edited once all 50 pre-ICO SNAPS have run out.


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