How will the ICO work?

  • There will be 500 SNAPS on the release of the ICO.
  • Each SNAP will be available to be bought for 1 ETH*.
  • You may pay less but you will get a decimal amount of SNAPS.
  • The ICO will start on 7 August 2017,  00:00:00 GMT*. The ICO will end on 10 August 2017, 00:00:00 GMT – After which no more coins will be available to be bought. If you send any ETH after this point, no SNAPS will be given to you and it will be considered a donation.
  • If there are any SNAPS left, they will become available to the public when Snapchat Coin becomes listed on Cryptopia – Within late August.
  • If you wish to get SNAPS after the ICO end date you must either, be a Limited Member* or, organise a private trade with someone else in the cryptocurrency community.


*During the ICO, Limited Members will be able to buy SNAPS for 0.9 ETH (10% discount). Limited Members will also be able to buy SNAPS 1-hour prior to the ICO release (6 August 23:00:00 GMT) before anyone else. For more information, please see the Limited Members section of the Website (the Snapchat logo on the left of the link to this article).

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