Our Ethos

Snapchat Coin stands for socioeconomic justice. We want to improve the world and make it more accessible to the ever growing age of millennials. We wish to put the power of money transfer into the hands of the young, disadvantaged and, populations of lesser developed countries. We hope to make it easier and more simple for your peer to pay you back a small amount of money whilst he is on holiday or from the comfort of his own home; Whilst this is possible to do now, it is very inconvenient. Snapchat Coin removes that inconvenience by allowing users to send money over a social media platform (something that they are familiar with and would probably already be using anyway).

We also strive to take away any central authority that could pose regulations and restrictions on currencies as of now. Therefore, Snapchat Coin can only evolve to get better and better as it is in the communities best interest to make it do so.

But most of all, we just want to make the world a better, more efficient and, more convenient place to live in.




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